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    Scotch-Brite Dual Purpose Scouring Pad 96HEX 146x127mm (Pack of 15) 7100206773

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    • Engineered to cut through baked-on or burnt on food
    • Ergonomic hexagon shape fits comfortably in the hand
    • Pack of 15
    • Two in one scouring pad
    • Green side scours away fine food particles
    • Colour: Yellow/Green
    • Yellow side engineered with power dot surface to prevent food particles getting trapped
    • HACCP International certified

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Product Information

Brand Scotch-Brite


The Scotch-Brite Dual purpose scouring pad is two in one cleaning tool designed to clean through stubborn baked-on or burnt-on food. The yellow power dot surface pattern is engineered to quickly and effectively cut through stubborn food debris and also designed to prevent large fopod particles from getting trapped on the pad and reducing scouring power. The green side scours away fine food particles, leaving the surface clean and shiny. The ergonomic hexagon shape fits comfortable in the hand making it easy to clean hard to reach areas. HACCP International certified.

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